AI and Future Wildfires

Athena Intelligence
2 min readJun 4, 2023

Athena Intelligence is a synthetic data vendor. That is, an easy to use data source with insight from a proprietary, conditional, geospatial, AI/ML, model which analyzes vast amounts of environmental data to predict where, among the 60,000 American communities at risk, wildfires will hit in the future. The model does this by comparing the current conditions, at a specific location, to the conditions were fires occurred in the past In all locations.

Four (4) of the last 6 articles, here on Medium, have focused on Clark County in Washington State. They describe how historic information is analyzed to create insight into future risk. Using an 11-axis weighting of historic factors, 30 sq meter pixels are identified with unique alpha-numeric identifiers, with a time sequence. These profiles are tied to past wildfires. Current conditions can then be used to evaluate future risks.

The result is a landscape map like this:

Or, data which can be overwhelming or extremely useful. The “Current” tab on the Tableau Vizze (Sheet 4) shows the amount of land in Clark County with each risk profile.

As with the historic tab, where you can view any county in any year, on Sheet 4 you can view wildfire risk conditions for 2023 for any county.

I hope you are using Medium on a laptop. Too much information and to many numbers to digest through a phone.

Athena Intelligence refines the earth’s essential data to make it easy for enterprises to use environmental information for future contracts, proprietary business decisions and risk management.

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