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2 min readJun 26, 2023

Athena Intelligence is a prefire data vendor — full stop. The new buzzword is FireTech.

Insurance investors see Athena as an “insurance-adjacent” InsurTech. Investors focused on power companies see Athena as part of the CleanTech or EnergyTech startup community. But our overarching goal is to help “the land” share insights about its conditions, as clearly as possible, for humans to use in business decisions.

The Voice of the Acre® algorithm originated in agriculture. (The core concept behind the first module is Wildfires are harvest events, and only occur where fuel exists.) The current module has been optimized to predict the perimeter of wildfires — which is helpful to risk mitigation decision by utilities, community resiliency planning, property insurance underwriting, risk portfolio management for wildfire insurance, and investments in municipal bonds and insurance-linked securities.

In truth, Athena’s corporate culture is more steak than sizzle. We encourage you to look at a property through our MVP by registering at

For more information on the model, dive into the data by visiting our public Tableau Presentations.

A Real-Time Case Study

A fire in Orange County in May 2022. Look at Athena’s prediction made months before and the actual fire fingerprint.

We see Money Others Can’t See

A review of business declined by a carrier — and the actual risk profiles showing they left over $10 million in annual premium by ignoring low risk properties.

Risk Portfolio Evaluation for Reinsurers

A tool for reinsurers to use when evaluating the wildfire risk across multiple carrier portfolios.

Wildfire Risk to Communities

Wildfires are not just a California phenomenon. Humans want to live in areas with plants: This improves public health, mental health, property values and our quality of life. But this means that over 60,000 communities are at direct risk of wildfires.

Community Resilience and Wildfire Risk

Where the conditions of the land and probability of fire damage coincide, an overlay of home values, average income and poverty levels can influence the most important areas for community resiliency and wildfire mitigation efforts.

Athena Intelligence is a data vendor with a geospatial, conditional, profiling tool that pulls together vast amounts of disaggregated wildfire and environmental data to generate spatial intelligence, resulting in a digital fingerprint of wildfire risk.

For power companies, this helps them assess, a year in advance, where a consequential fire is most likely. For insurance or financial services companies, this assists in underwriting, portfolio risk optimization and loss cost probabilities for reserving.

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