California Wildfire Insurance — Interview

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2 min readJul 15, 2023

Chris Hebard has a unique perspective on insurance for residential and commercial properties. Her firm, Hebard Insurance Agency, has been in the insurance industry in the Sacramento area for 75 years and works with many carriers. Thus, Chris has a unique vantage point and perspective on the issues in California related to wildfire insurance.

California Insider did a good job covering the story in this interview. Since Athena Intelligence predicts where wildfires are likely to occur, even in areas which haven't’ had fires in the past, we appreciated Chris’ insights into the value of predictive models to the underwriting process.

Hebard Insurance Solutions works with business owners in the Sierra Foothills. You can hear, in Chris’ views, that she values the independence and ability to find informed solutions for all aspects of insurance offering business owners a wide variety of coverage options and price points.

For wildfire coverage in California, multiple options and price points have gone away.

Athena Intelligence is positioned as an InsurTech startup, but it is truly a data vendor, with insights in the conditions of the land. Our machine learning model comes from agriculture. The wildfire module has been optimized to predict the perimeter of future wildfires .

This is helpful to property insurance underwriting, risk portfolio management for wildfire insurance, capital equipment and risk mitigation decision by utilities, community resiliency planning and investments in municipal bonds and insurance-linked securities.

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