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In the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, users and programmers tend to forget that there is as much data generated around every acre of land as there is around consumers. Athena is the first geospatial AI/ML model which focuses on terrain data — Big Data from a variety of sources that measure, monitor and capture images of the land. Athena’s Voice of the Acre integrates all of this information, and as a synthetic data vendor, our goal is to make all of this disaggregated and unstructured data as easy to use as a Google Search for scalable business decisions.

The first major application is risk assessment of the probability of future wildfires

Customers are participants in the Insurance Industry and wildfire mitigation efforts by Electrical Utilities, Community Wildfire Prevention Planning and Firefighting Professional.

If you are with an Electrical Utility or a Professional Wildfire Fighter, reach out to us through ArcGIS (AthenaInsuranceRisk). If you are a Risk Manager in the Insurance Industry, there are multiple applications available from Athena Intelligence, from brokers to reinsurance syndication of risk.

Visit our profile on Medium to see the full list articles on this blog. Over time, we will be describing more use cases but, in the meantime, feel free to visit our Tableau account. If you are an insurer, you will find many different ways this information can improve your firms’ bottom line.

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Going forward, I’m going to presume that you have read Disaster Metrics and Risk Assessment which serves as an introduction to the math which validates the model. For carriers, check out our Ease-Of-Use article.

We are going to use Clark County, in Washington State as an example. Washington State offers us a good example of a state with different conditions. Wooded and damp near the coast, more arid and in the eastern part of the state.

Athena Intelligence Risk and Probability as of May 2023

Clark County has had few fires in recent years and is lower risk county than many others within the State of Washington.

Athena’s Voice of the Acre® distinguishes between the conditions of the land (conditional risk) shown on the Y-axis. And the likelihood of structural damage and economic loss (probability risk) shown above on the X-axis.

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Athena is a next generation InsurTech data vendor which produces synthetic data. The earth’s essential data is refined to make it easy for enterprises to use environmental information for future contracts, proprietary business decisions and risk management.

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