Where Wildfires Won’t Go

Athena Intelligence
2 min readJul 13, 2023

Athena Intelligence knows where wildfires won’t go. The conditional, geospatial intelligence system ranks future wildfire risk into Green, Red, and Yellow.

So, while we don’t know exactly where a wildfire will occur …

Regardless of how many fires occur, or where they start, at the end of the year, properties Athena scored “Green” at the beginning of the year will account for 5% or less of all property damaged by wildfire.

Alternatively, at the end of the year, when you review all wildfire property damage, 70%+ will have been scored Red, by Athena, at the start of the year.

That is a bold claim, so we have used ESRI to build a map for you to explore the details:

https://arcg.is/1m5j0C Photo Credit Michael Held through Unsplash

Click Here. If a window opens with a blue button on the right, click it. If a fire image opens, click the white arrow to get to the “view” blue button.

Now enable map scroll — apologies for the klugy interface — but this is worth seeing. You can use your mouse to scroll back and forth, to compare Athena’s rating and where fires occurred.

Click on any of the 4 county areas to see the average score for the county.

Athena is a next generation InsurTech data vendor which produces synthetic data. The earth’s essential data is refined to make it easy for enterprises to use environmental information for future contracts, proprietary business decisions and risk management.

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